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Think of Magic Tank as a $30 “insurance policy” or “spare tire” for your gas tank.

It’s a half-gallon petroleum derivative. Translation: it won’t explode while you keep its container in your trunk, but poured into your tank, it will keep your engine going until the next gas station.

“The product works exactly like gasoline because it comes from gasoline,” said Magic Tank’s CEO Steve Bistritzky, who came to Memphis to stand behind his product. “All we’ve done is taken out the highly flammable components, which is obviously what makes gasoline very volatile.”

He proved it.

He poured a cup of Magic Tank, lit a match and tossed it in. After wincing and opening one eye, I realized we were still around — and so was the Magic Tank.

OK, that was cool. Now it was time to get the Chevy Suburban on the rack.

Scott Westbrook of Westbrook Automotive in Southeast Memphis drained all the gas out of his sister Trina Slocum’s Suburban — all except the reserve, which cannot be removed mechanically from GMC models.

Then Slocum took us for a ride until that sucker ran out of gas.

“This product is made to help and protect your family, your friends, whoever may be using your car, in the event you may run out of gasoline,” emphasized Bistritzky.

After pulling over to safety, we added Magic Tank — to her tank — using the convenient funnel that comes with it. She started it up.

After a few coughs, a couple of wheezes, ka-chung … that Suburban started right up and carried us the 3-plus miles back to the shop.

“It works!” exclaimed Slocum. “It gives me a lot of peace of mind that if I ran out of gas, it would get me to the next gas station.”

Magic Tank is a WISE BUY.

It is not flammable. It carries a 10-year shelf life. Both guarantee Magic Tank is perfectly safe to store inside your vehicle.

The only caveats are:

* You may need to carry more than a 1/2 gallon, depending on your vehicle’s tank size and on how low you are on fuel.

* The engine must be warm for Magic Tank to combust.

* It cannot work in diesel engines. But it can work in any engine — generators, lawn mowers, boats, whatever — that accepts gasoline.

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